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Revolutionary Fluoropolymer Friction Modifiers with Multiple Applications

DSX Extra Engine and Gear Oil Additive DSX Defender II Premium Carnuba Fluoropolymer Liquid Wax
DSX High Pressure Fluoropolymer Grease DSX Extreme Pressure Synthetic Lubricant

Revolutionary Flouropolymer Friction Modifiers with multiple applications DSX Products were originally developed to solve problems encountered in equipment operation during Desert Shield prior to Desert Storm. The problems involved sand, grit and dust combined with extreme temperature changes affecting operating equipment and weapons. DSX Products have emerged as America’s answer to environmentally safe, next century technology for machinery and equipment reducing friction and wear, thereby extending engine and parts life. Using DSX Products results in emissions reduction and energy conservation, observed by improved fuel usage and better Miles per Gallon. The DSX Products are truly “right for the time”.

It’s not just a Lube, Grease or Wax…  It is a choice…  when performance matters!